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The beginnings

Alexandrino Garcia started Algar group's journey almost 100 years ago, with his rice processing machine and a vision beyond his time. Since then, we have built a legacy of companies that can be summed up in the ability to overcome challenges and innovate with the purpose of serving people.

You can find more about the evolution of this legacy here.

Espírito Empreendedor

Our mission

Developing relationships and innovative solutions that generate sustainable businesses with perceived value.

For our people, serving is the same as delivering, resolving, simplifying and protecting customers, partners, associates and society. Our purpose is to serve, regardless of the businesses and companies we have.

This is our way of being and doing business. People serving people, in a perennial, agile, reliable and innovative way.

move us

We are driven by care, attention, respect, empathy and the appreciation of those who make our history happen.

People serving people is our vision and purpose.


Customer, our reason to exist.
Integrity in action.
To develop and to recognize talent. Be an entrepreneur.
Commitment to sustainability.
*Quote by the Comander Alexandrino Garcia Algar’s Founder




For us, everything starts and ends with our
Our brand has a name, history and soul and our culture is always evolving.

We work so that the Algar way of thinking, being, acting, relating and doing business continues to promote Sustainable Development, with respect and equality.

We make sure that our practices reflect our values ​​and attributes: I am RELIABLE, AGILE, INNOVATIVE and EVERLASTING.


We deliver what we promise and make choices that ensure delivery.

We manage business risks and opportunities.


We have the necessary conversations focusing on what is best for Algar.

We cultivate an open, diverse and inclusive environment in which everyone feels considered.


We make decisions with autonomy and responsibility.

We simplify to provide agility.


We act oriented by the customer/market and with a focus on profitability.

We make mistakes fast, we fix fast, and we learn.


We are proud and respectful of our people. It is their plurality that makes our Group inventive, innovative and strong. Therefore, we do not tolerate any type of discrimination, whether based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, origin, social or physical. We have created the Diversity Booklet at “Algar Sem Barreiras” to inspire respect for diversity in which we explain, point by point, how we respect people in an integral way.

Corporate management

We know that the commitment to serve must be aligned with responsible socio-environmental conduct. Therefore, our innovative solutions follow internationally recognized good environmental, social and corporate governance practices. This is how we seek the continuous evolution of our business model and prepare ourselves to face the challenges of the future.

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