This space is for you, the current supplier of the Algar group and our companies, as well as for anyone who wants to be a partner. It is important that you read our Supplier Code of Conduct.

We believe that our clients' prosperity is the result of the harmony of various factors, such as ethics and transparency. In addition, we highlight the mutual benefit relationship between the company, suppliers and partners.

With this relationship, we can expand our horizons in a highly competitive global market, being recognized worldwide for the services we provide together. As partners, we seek to always be ahead, leading with creativity and innovation, in an ethical, sustainable and transparent way.

We are always updating and adapting our relationship system with suppliers, as we know that this relationship is fundamental to the viability of our business and our competitive vision, always growing, sustaining our purpose of being “People serving People”.

The Algar group is committed to formalizing and disclosing guidelines related to the ethical, sustainable and transparent behavior expected from our suppliers. These practices are described in the Code of Conduct and the Policy on Relationship with Public Agencies.