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We have become a reference because we carry forward the lessons of 90 years, and we plant innovation with people who believe in, care for, transform and grow together. We follow the changes closely, with a dynamic team, motivated and full of energy to generate value for our customers. After all, when he gets strong, so do we. That's how we serve, that's how we solve it. Come be #GenteAlgar.

Diversidade Algar

People serving, supporting and developing people. Throughout Brazil and Latin America.

For nearly a century, we've grown, diversified and changed a lot. But there is something that hasn't changed: our essence. We continue to be people serving other people. That's why we want to undertake, employ and transform, all with the Algar way of being innovative, agile, reliable and everlasting. We want to develop our talents, listen to our customers and keep our feet in the present with an eye to the future. Do you want to be part of this story? Come find out more about us.

Ready to spend over 1,700 hours a year impacting lives?

Here in the Algar group, we have Information Technology and Telecommunications, Entertainment and Agri companies. And all these sectors have a common place: transformation. We seek to transform and impact lives, designing solutions, connecting people and making a difference for all of them. This is only possible because our talents make it happen. Get to know more about our companies and find out which one is just like you.

From different points of view we see further

We are present throughout Brazil and Latin America, in a beautiful mix of accents, ideas and cultures. Out of respect for such diversity, we do not tolerate discrimination and constantly promote actions of inclusion and equity.

We take care of the well-being of our Talents

We want Algarians to be happy and satisfied, both here and in their personal lives. That's why we offer benefits, policies and benefits for health and career development.

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