Serving is listening

“Strong and reliable foundations support the growth of our organization. Grupo Algar is based on the brand of our founder, Comendador Alexandrino Garcia. More than a business organization, he left us a legacy of beliefs, values, the will to serve and especially his unwavering faith in the future of Brazil.

The perennity of Algar Group, founded in 1930, comes from the commitment to best practices in Corporate Governance and Sustainability, in addition to the highest level of ethics and adherence to laws, regulations and policies related to our activities.

We know that example inspires more than words, so our actions are entirely guided by integrity. “

| President of the Administration Council of the Algar group

Confidentiality of facts

All manifestations received by the Ombudsman's Office will be treated in a confidentialway, in order to preserve the identity of the requesting person.

Integrity and Compliance

The channel allows direct contact with the Integrity and Compliance Commission of Grupo Algar.

No tolerance for retaliation

No retaliation will be allowed or tolerated against a protestor that reports to the Ombudsman a concern or complaint about misconduct.
Other communication channels available:

Phone: 0800 034 2525
WhatsApp/Telegram: (11) 95130-1247

Letter: Av. Floriano Peixoto, 6500, Granja Marileusa, Uberlândia/MG - Cep 38405-184 - Ouvidoria Grupo Algar
Personally: Av. Floriano Peixoto, 6500, Granja Marileusa, Uberlândia/MG, área administrativa do Site 2.