Feet on the ground, eyes on the future.

Adopting agile methodologies, a strong innovation center, new ways of looking at traditional sectors: we are constantly building and investing heavily in this journey.

Innovation today and from everyone.

We are continually encouraged to explore our power of creation and innovation, with methodologies and mentoring that have already led us to register 5 patents, all based on ideas that were born with our people.

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We create the future of business

Digital Business Innovation Center founded by Algar Telecom. Through the open innovation model and strategic partnerships, “Brain” (Group Algar Innovation Center) promotes the development of disruptive solutions with a focus on Internet of Things (IoT), Digital, 5G and Cloud/Edge Computing, for the Agribusiness and Farming, Industry business verticals 4.0, Health, Small Medium Business and Smart Spaces.

Brain's work teams are divided into squads and for the implementation of new solutions the Innovation Center uses the Scrum framework. This format allows teams to have a more dynamic development, focused and with quick deliveries.

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