We take care of the health and well-being of our Algarians.

The benefits are specific by Group company and by region where we are located, to meet the expectations and needs of our People. We offer food and meal vouchers, medical and dental insurance and partnerships with gyms. We promote the “Psicologia Viva” program, with free psychological care, and the Algar + Helath program to monitor the well-being of our talents. In addition, our People have profit sharing, home office work policy and much more.


With our business university, we empower those who have extensive experience and those who are starting their careers, making everyone even more competitive.

Autonomy at Work

We offer conditions and resources so that our professionals always have autonomy and freedom to find solutions, create and innovate.


We offer medical and dental insurance, internal gym, Quick Massage, dance groups, walking, meditation, Pilates, language study subsidy, and career plan.

Growth opportunity

We seek to achieve our goals. Therefore, we offer opportunities for our team to continually innovate, undertake, serve and grow.

Algar Institute

The Algar Volunteer Program was born with the dream of nurturing empathy and the desire for social transformation. Our continuous actions have more than 2500 volunteers in the country.

Inclusive environment

We prioritize the engagement of leaders in the hiring and empowerment of minorities, as well as the involvement of Algarians in serving within the communities.

We take care of who serves together with us

We are more than 19,000 associates who surpass each other, day by day, to strengthen the trust of our more than 3.5 million customers. We are curious and innovative people, and we are constantly seeking to grow and reach common goals. For all this to happen in a valuable and agile way for them and for us, we take care of the well-being and health of each talent. Thus, we are always prepared to grow and reinvent ourselves.

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