Why diversity?

Prejudice still exists, especially when we talk about race, people with disabilities (PwD), generations, LGBTI+ people and gender. In the Algar group, there is no tolerance for any form of prejudice

After all, our biggest advantage is our people, plural and diverse in their origins, experiences, physical characteristics and many others. It is these same people who allow us to solve, create, innovate, transform and who form the Algar group with more than 19 thousand members


Our diversity primer

We are proud and respectful of our people. It is their plurality that makes our Group inventive, innovative and strong. Therefore, we do not tolerate any type of discrimination, whether based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, origin, social or physical. To inspire respect for diversity, we created the Diversity Booklet at Algar Sem Barreiras, in which we explain, point by point, how we respect people in an integral way.

We lead to grow together

Our teams understand that serving is what sets us apart and drives us. Thus, we join together to empower our talents in achieving high economic performance for our clients. And more: to grow together, impacting and transforming the world in which we live. Does this interest you? Come evolve and grow with us!

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