Privacy Policy

ALGAR Privacy Policy

Every user of the Algar's Website (, known here as Algar's website, must read Algar's privacy policy and AGREE with the rules before entering any information on Algar's website. If you do not agree with the rules you mustn't, under no circumstances, enter any information on Algar's website.


Algar created this privacy and security policy to document and communicate their commitment to their business practices, which takes into consideration strict ethical and best practices standards related to information security.


You can navigate Algar's website without providing any information. However, when registering in Algar's website, the user will provide contact information, which will be used to send information about our services, questions and/or other information requested by the user.

The user accessing Algar's website and entering data will automatically agree with this policy and with the use of the data provided. If the user disagrees with this policy and with the manner of use of the data provided, the user must NOT enter any data.

As set in this PRIVACY POLICY, the user agrees that the collection and use of information supplied by the user does not set any violation of the right to privacy, publicity or any other rights related to the protection of personal information.

Algar may eventually share information with companies of the Algar Group, affiliates and contractors who provide support services to Algar's website. If by strategic reasons or other, such as sales, purchase or restructuring, a cession, split or merger of Algar companies occurs, the data and personal information registered of the website may be transferred between the parties.

The content available on Algar's website, such as text, file, image, sound, data, software applications, are protected by copyright. The reproduction, modification, storage, transmission, distribution or any form of use different then the original purpose, being commercial or not, of any information in these contents is expressly prohibited.

Algar reserves the right to modify, at any time, this privacy policy without notice. The alteration presented can be highlighted or not. The consent for the necessary changes are not mandatory. The website/page user must consult this present policy constantly.

Childcare - Algar does not collect personal information from children. If children send personal information to Algar and this information are detected as being send by children the information will be deleted. ?Algar removes this information from its database and makes every effort to identify.

Links to other sites - This site contains links to other sites Algar is not responsible for the security related to the privacy of the information entered in websites of companies that do not comprise the Algar Group. The user is responsible for complying with the specific privacy policy of Algar Group companies and other companies.


Algar uses a modern structure of information technology, with several security controls and measures to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the information provided in its website. Seeing that the Information security is everyone's responsibility, it's recommended that the users take precautions to protect their personal information when using the Internet. Algar does not take responsibility for acts of bad faith, misuse, attacks and other acts not in accordance with the law or unethical, committed voluntarily or involuntarily by the user.

Any intrusion attempts, attacks and improper use of Algar's website, or of the information it contains, will be treated with the rigor of the law according to the typification provided the Brazilian Penal Code.

Algar does not agree with the act of sending messages without the previous consent of the user. This way, if you receive an unwanted message on behalf of Algar, other than from the newsletter services requested by the user, we ask you to forward the message to, so that the necessary measures are observed.

Algar may reveal data or information of users in compliance with a legal requirement.

Questions about our privacy practices - If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or about Algar Group's privacy practices send an email to