Education + Environment + Culture

Founded in 2002, the Algar Institute reinforces the group's commitment to build value for the future. The Algar Institute was founded with the vision to contribute to the development of the human being and to the sustainability. It's mission is to educate, coordinate and mobilize people and organizations to practice sustainability.

The Institute currently operates in three dimensions: educational, environmental and cultural.


The Algar group, through the Algar Institute, created the Sustainable Algar Program in order to disseminate the concept and improve the sustainability practices of Algar's companies.

The search for the development and adoption of sustainable initiatives focused on the environment is common to all Algar Group's companies. However, in recent years, a new topic became part of the sustainability agenda: the challenge for efficient management of climate governance. One of the actions carried out by companies, for example, is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG).

2017 numbers from the environmental axis:

  • Number of sustainable actions deployed across Algar organization: 47
  • Inventory of quantified emissions: 9th consecutive year
  • Training provided to Committees on Sustainability: 16 Leaders formed
  • 3 meetings of technical training for environmental leaders.


Algar believes that education is the path that will lead Brazil to a better reality. That's why, since 1994, the Group invests in social programs in the community, in order to contribute to the quality's improvement of the Brazilian education. Currently the area of operation covers 27 cities.

Focusing on education of children, young people and teachers, the social programs coordinated by Algar Institute are conducted through partnerships with public schools in the cities where the Group operates. Social initiatives aim, through comprehensive education, to contribute to the human development of students and teachers.

2017 numbers from the educational axis:

  • 1.180 volunteers
  • 113 schools
  • 460 teachers
  • 16.800 students
  • 26 city


Through the Algar's Cultural Program, the Algar Institute manages the tax incentives at municipal, state and federal levels, promoting sponsorship of cultural projects.

2017 numbers from the cultural axis:

  • 56 Projects Sponsored
  • R$ 7.550.802,17 million invested