Serving is transforming lives

We help improving people and the country.

A more evolved and fair world is made by people and education. We, the Algar group, believe in this cause since 1994, when our companies were already carrying out socially responsible actions in the communities in which they were inserted.

Every day actions were increasing to train more students and professionals of our municipal school partners. Therefore, we realized the need to evolve our model and, thus, we created Algar Institute, which since 2002 has coordinated and passed the guidelines of educational, environmental and cultural actions.

The decision to create the Algar Institute has strengthened our companies, as well as allowed the identification of opportunities to generate value to society, always revolving around a common cause, sustainability, whose principle is simple.:

By using available resources, we need to ensure that future generations enjoy these same resources. This is also a way of serving society, balancing the integration of the dimensions of sustainability.

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