"It was not the telephony. It was serving the area"
By Alexandrino Garcia, founder of the Algar group, about his purpose of working to make life easier for people, improving the telephone service in Uberlândia, in the 1950s.
This saying inspired the creation of the Purpose of the Algar Group, People Serving People.

People serving People is what inspires the attitude and business behavior of the Algar group and its companies and, therefore, has also become the slogan of the Brand. It was defined from the lessons and legacy left by its Founder, Comendador Alexandrino Garcia, who said: “What mattered to me was not telephony. It was to serve the region. “.

Here, at the Algar group, we like people, talking, finding out what we can still do to innovate and make life easier for people and companies. In short, it will uncomplicate the lives of our customers. After all, they are the reason for the existence of the Algar group. There is no company without clients.

For us to serve is this: to conquer the trust of people and companies in our commitment to surpass in serving with agility, developing innovative solutions that make them prosper. This is how we are People serving People and a solid and perennial group, since 1930.