A machine for threshing rice, created on October 10, 1930 was the first company of the Algar Group whose name has the initials of its founder, Alexandrino Garcia: a visionary man, ahead of his time, with an extraordinary capacity to overcome challenges and a genuine commitment to work to serve people.

In the following decades, Alexandrino Garcia engaged in several other businesses, such as a gas station, automobile and truck dealers. And did not stop there.

In the year of nineteen fifties, Alexandrino Garcia was already a successful businessman and presided over ACIUB – Commercial and Industrial Association of Uberlândia. However, he decided to undertake in the telecommunications business to improve and streamline the telephone service that, at that time, took up to seven days to complete a simple connection between Uberlândia and São Paulo. With other members of the Association, he led the formation of the Central Brazil Telephone Company, now Algar Telecom, and acquired Telefônica Teixeirinha – a company that controlled telephone services in Uberlândia and other cities in the region.

Alexandrino Garcia believed that it was possible to take the “Country to the top of the universe”. Therefore, he mobilized and led many people to make the Minas country-side speak. And no efforts were spared to expand the network of the operator. Tireless and stubborn, he was the first to get off a truck and erect poles along the streets.

The years passed by and the Algar group grew, conquered the entire Brazilian territory and became internationalized on the basis of the legacy of its Founder being practiced by its associates – as employees are called – and, above all, by the inspiring leadership of its successors, Luiz Alberto Garcia and Luiz Alexandre Garcia – respectively son and grandson of Alexandrino Garcia.

Even though it is a family organization, the Algar group is recognized for its mature and structured Corporate Management and Corporate Governance, as well as for its Culture and Purpose to Serve.

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