The Algar Group

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Creating value
for 85 years

Our way of being places us among the best companies to work
for and drives us to grow in a steady, solid and sustainable manner.

85 years
Establishing business based on shared value creation

2 million


We are a Brazilian-owned, family-controlled and professionally-managed corporate group founded in 1929 as a result of Mr. Alexandrino Garcia’s desire to serve the community. We entered the telephone business over 60 years ago, which strengthened the family’s practice of establishing businesses based on shared value creation. Mr. Garcia considered it important to connect small towns to large cities to expand the relationship possibilities even though this project involved laying miles of cables to install a single phone in given town.

That is how we grew to become one of Brazil’s top corporate groups offering products and services in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Agribusiness, Services and Tourism markets to over two million customers. Headquartered in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais State), we are present throughout Brazil and in Colombia, Argentina and Chile. We are over 24 thousand associates (as we call our employees) committed to a determination to serve and a philosophy that promotes innovative sustainable attitudes focused on serving the community in a comprehensive manner. Our way of being places us among the best companies to work for and drives us to grow in a steady, solid and sustainable manner.

Purpose and Vision

  • People serving People


  • To develop relationships and innovative solutions that generate sustainable business with perceived value.


  • The Customer is our reason for being*
  • Integrity
  • Valuing human talents
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability

(*) Quote by the Algar Group’s founder, Mr. Alexandrino Garcia


Algar Telecom

60 years
in the telecommunications industry

Fixed-line and mobile phone, internet, pay TV, data communication and IT services for retail, corporate, medium and small companies and other operators

100% Brazilian
Fully owned by Brazilian investors Operations in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and in the Federal District


distinguishing feature: quality and close relationship to customers

An innovative
trendsetting company


1.2 million clients

5 Subsidiaries
Algar Celular, Algar Multimídia, Image Telecom, Algar Mídia and Algar Tech

Algar Tech

Over 15 years
of experience in integrated ICT (information and Communication Technology) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solutions

Present throughout Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Chile, serving over
100 countries

5 businesses
IT Infrastructure, Managed ICT Services, Business Applications, Mobility-asa- Service and Customer Relations.

3 data centers
strategically located

Acquired Asyst
in 2014

13 thousand associates

6 subsidiaries
Algar TI, Engeset, Asyst, Algar Tech SAS, Rhealeza TJ and Realeza VR


Algar Agro

36 years
of experience in agribusiness and in the grain, animal nutrition and food markets

Has over 30 stores located close to the areas of grain origination

2 soybean
processing plants, in Porto Franco (Maranhão State) and Uberlândia (Minas Gerais State)

ABC is the
soybean oil brand in the state of Minas Gerais

Produces the RaçaFort
soybean meal

Algar Farming

Agricultural commodity
producer headquartered in Uberlândia (state of Minas Gerais)

8 farms

8 in Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul and Maranhão States

Plants and markets grain, mostly
soybeans and corn

planted area in the 2013/14 crop season

beef cattle in Minas Gerais and
Mato Grosso do Sul States.


Algar Aviation

Over 38 years
of history

Exclusive distributor in Brazil:
• TBM, the world’s fastest singleengine turboprop propellers, from French company Daher-Socata
• Avanti EVO two-engined airplane, from Italian Piaggio Aero

Present throughout Brazil, offering maintenance, chartering, sale and purchase services of new and used aircraft

Authorized Service Center
for maintenance of Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 aircraft models, approved by Embraer

Algar Segurança

Over 16 years of history

Present in the states
of Minas Gerais,
São Paulo, Mato Grosso,
Mato Grosso do Sul,
Goiás and Paraná

Offers property, electronic and document security solutions
by combining human skills with cutting-edge technology

Different industries, such as the manufacturing, agribusiness, condominium, logistics, mining, ports, education and hospital industries

Specializes in combining intelligence with security


Joint venture
between the Algar Group and Adpar

loading and unloading platforms of the Integrated Urban Mass Transit System of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais State

5 platforms, with a total area of 34,236 sq. m.

more than 150 stores and commercial areas
for lease


Rio Quente Group

Belongs to the Algar and Gebepar Groups

South America’s largest hot spring tourist complex

Has activities in
four leisure segments:
hotel services, entertainment, tourism and vacation ownership

1.5 million
guests per year

ISO 14001
international environmental responsibility certification

Our History

Jornal Correio de Uberlândia
1929 The Garcia family founds its first business, José Alves Garcia e Filhos, with a rice mill machine, in Uberlândia.
1940 1959 The service station, car dealership and farming equipment businesses are established.
1940 The Correio de Uberlândia
newspaper is acquired.
1954 CTBC (Companhia de Telecomunicações do Brasil Central), currently Algar Telecom, is organized.
1967 CTBC merges phone companies from eight cities.
ABC Táxi Aéreo
1977 ABC - Agropecuária Brasil Central S.A (currently Algar Farming) is established.
1976 ABC Táxi Aéreo (currently Algar Aviation) is organized.
1969 Gráfica Sabe (printing business), currently Algar Mídia, is founded to publish phone directories.
1978 Fujiwara Hisato (currently Algar Agro), a factory of oil and oil products, is acquired.
Pousada do Rio Quente
Mario Grossi
1979 The Group acquires the Pousada do Rio Quente (currently Rio Quente Resorts) tourist complex joinly with Grupo Gebepar.
1982 The Algar Group’s holding company is founded.
1989 Italian executive Mario Grossi is hired as the Algar holding company’s CEO to conduct the restructuring process required by the company’s business. The Network Company philosophy, the Advisory Board and the shareholders' agreement are introduced.
1994 The Group puts into operation Brazil’s first experimental optical and fiber optic network in Campinas, São Paulo State.
1998 UniAlgar corporate University
is opened.
1996 Cable TV company Image Telecom (Uberlândia and Araguari) is acquired.
1990´s To keep up with the market changes and be more competitive, Algar introduces changes to drive growth. As a result, the group ceases to operate in the automotive industry (Irmãos Garcia, Garinco, Automag, Intermáquinas) and in the manufacturing industry (Emep, Telettra, Cristais, Dados, TI, Xtal, Sistemas, Autrônica, Aviônica, ABC Computadores).
1998 Space, focused on security and document control (currently
Algar Segurança) is created.
Algar Call Center Service
1999 ACS – Algar Call Center Service (currently Algar Tech) is organized.
2002 Instituto Algar de Responsabilidade Social (Algar Social Responsibility Institute), which coordinates CSR and community-oriented initiatives,
is created.
2009 The Algar brand is introduced.
Algar - Gente servindo Gente
2012 We consolidate our nationwide presence by opening our own building in São Paulo.
Asyst Service Desk
2014 Algar Tech acquires Asyst Service Desk. Algar Telecom creates a partnership to lay a submarine cable connecting Brazil and the United States and obtains the 4G license.
2013 Algar opens its building in Belo Horizonte and its first international office, in Colombia, with Algar Tech.