Environmental and Social Performance

Being sustainable also means valuing the future since this is how we can create means and mechanisms that make it feasible for us to grow jointly. This vision of the future underpins the Group’s major decisions, and this applies to all our stakeholders. Therefore, we have invested in, and contributed to, not only the economic, social and environmental development, but also the cultural and technological progress of the communities in which we are present. As a result, we have built lasting relationships throughout the value chain.

Instituto Algar

Founded 13 years ago, Instituto Algar is responsible for coordinating and guiding the Group’s social, environmental and cultural initiatives. The Institute is currently a reference in the state of Minas Gerais in terms of social investment. It is recognized throughout Brazil for contributing to human development and playing an important role in education, as well as engaging, and coordinating action with, people and organizations to practice sustainability.

“Contributing to human development with a view to sustainability”

“Educating, engaging, and coordinating action with, people and organizations to practice sustainability.”

Environmental Dimension

The Sustainable Algar Program disseminates the concept of sustainability and improves the Algar companies' sustainable practices, thus contributing to climate governance and mitigating the Group’s environmental impacts.

Educational Dimension

We invest in social programs geared to the community in 24 cities and towns to help improve the quality of Brazilian education. In 2014, we expanded our educational projects, from primary education to secondary education, thus completing the educational cycle until young people are prepared for the labor market.

Cultural Dimension – Cultural Algar Program

The Cultural Algar program sponsors cultural, sports and social projects.