Better education for a better Brazil

UniAlgar is a corporate university that was established in September, 1998 with the mission to promote the development of talents as a way to enhance the competitiveness of Algar business, thus becoming a strategic tool for all business segments, contributing to the qualification of their teams to become a market differential.

Curriculum with actual business practice.

UniAlgar is different because it bases its curriculum in concepts and actual business practice, focusing on the needs of Algar companies. The corporate university of the Algar group is dedicated to topics such as the dissemination of corporate culture, the performance evaluation, the climate surveys, the management of comprehensive health of associates, the integration program for new Algar talents, in addition to personal and professional growth.

In addition, UniAlgar maintains several programs dedicated to training talents to assume leadership positions in the future. 

2016 Training Actions

1,25 million hours of training

55 hours of training per associate

15.439 face-toface participations

36.291 participations in remote trainings