The Networking Enterprise

The belief in human talent guides the transparent and trusting relationship we have with our many stakeholders. A practice that starts within the company and, in the day-to-day, translates into Algar's management model: The Networking Enterprise.

The basic idea is to encourage commitment and encourage the participation of all in every decision of the company.

What actually happens is that the departments become Results Centers and act as an internal micro company. Each center helps to outline the Group's strategic plan and has to reach their own goals and budgets. This way the company's board turns into a Steering Committee that coordinates the centers and the goals designed in the overall plan.

In this scenario, the democratic culture, with rights and duties, prevails, so there is autonomy with responsibly.

Principles of a Networking Enterprise

  • Team spirit
  • Commitment
  • Human and professional growth
  • Educational leadership
  • Autonomy with responsibility
  • Participation in the decision making process
  • Recognition of different levels of responsibility
  • Associate instead of employee