Corporate Programs

Innovation aligned with strategy and oriented to the market is a core competency and strategic principal that we practice every day. This approach is implemented well before total quality circles because we put ourselves in the shoes of our customers to better understand and better serve their needs.

Thus, continuous improvement is a daily attitude incorporated into Algar Culture and strengthened in our employees through numerous innovation workshops developed by UniAlgar - our corporate university.

51milhoes investidos 810projetos 291 milhões de reais em ganhos

Since 2001, our programs for Process Management (PGP) and Ideas Management (PGI), have stimulated innovation throughout Algar. The authors of the best ideas receive financial incentives and the best projects participated in Mostra Algar Inovação (the Algar Innovation Exposition). These initiatives have invested R$ 100 million in more than 1000 projects that have achieved gains of nearly R$ 500 million.

In 2017, after fifteen editions, the Algar Innovation Exhibition was incorporated into CITIES – the International Conference on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability - held in partnership with Fiemg, Sebrae, the city hall of Uberlândia and the state government of Minas Gerais.

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