It is our commitment to serve that drives us.

Working in sectors such as ICT, Entertainment, Agribusiness and Services, our companies provide services to 2 million clients by employing simple yet sustainable and innovative solutions. We value relationships and the human potential, by making people our top priority and sharing one end-to-end goal: People serving people.

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Algar Telecom operates with two main objectives: to maintain a close relationship with its customers and offer high-quality services.

With a broad portfolio, we offer fast-speed internet, high-quality mobile phone, and cable TV with special programming. We also deliver voice, data, internet, IT & Infra, outsourcing and video services.

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Algar Tech provides a portfolio focused on the digital transformation of Customer Relationship Management, Technology Environment Management and Telecom Service Management solutions in Brazil and Latin America.

Allied to a broad ecosystem of partners, Algar Tech's professionals strive to rethink customer experiencesand technology operations to promote excellence in innovation and deliverables across Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico.

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Algar Farming is an agricultural commodities producer, consisting of a set of farms located in the Triangulo Mineiro region. We plant and trade grains, mainly soybeans and corn, with planted area of 13,900 hectares in the harvest 16/17, as well as beef cattle breeding on farms in Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul with an average herd of 8,5 thousand heads.


We couple human skills with high technology to converge intelligence and security, providing complete solutions.We operate in security diagnostics development to their deployment and maintenance.

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Algar and FLC groups have united great brands to create an entertainment giant: Aviva, the largest vacation club in South America, pioneer and leader in the time-share market in Brazil and the only program that offers you more than one destination within your plan.

The name Aviva means the celebration of good things and the symbol of the new brand represents Aviva's letter A, but that's not all. It brings fun, movement and joy in its shapes and colors.

The name Aviva means the celebration of good things and the symbol of the new brand represents Aviva's letter A, but that's not all. It brings fun, movement and joy in its shapes and colors.

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Since 2012, Alsol has developed solutions for the self-generation of electricity from renewable sources, in the scope of distributed generation, for small, medium and large companies, rural properties and residences. With the objective of reducing electricity costs, it offers the possibility of combining different energy sources (such as solar, biodiesel and biogas) and storage.

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Provides corporate customers with a collaborative online and digital technical support platform for computer, mobile, server, database, network and security.
The services are performed by selected and outsourced IT technicians, in the crowd- sourcing model, called "Doctors in Technology", remotely (through the internet) or face-to-face.

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Through specific imaging algorithms collected by drones, Sensix identifies, qualifies and quantifies potential problems in the crop and provides a complete tool for decision-making with critical timing within the harvest, optimizing the use of resources and impacting productivity. The data is organized and processed in the cloud with the Sensix FieldScan platform and the farmer has access to this information in record time and on any device.

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Areas of Operation

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