People serving People

A rice huller. This is how the story of the Algar group began. The year was 1930 when the first company was founded by the Garcia Family in Uberlândia - MG. The foundations of the Algar group is the personality of Alexandrino Garcia, its founder. However, much more than a business organization, this visionary man left behind his beliefs and values, his determination and pioneering spirit, his willingness to serve and to teach, his unwavering faith in the future of Brazil and the certainty that nothing can stop the growth born of an well-intentioned labor force.



The first company of the Garcia family in Uberlandia, called José Alves Garcia and Sons, is founded with a rice huller.

Between the 40s and 50s

Business in the areas of car trade and industry.


The Newspaper Correio de Uberlândia is acquired.


Constitution of CTBC (Companhia de Telecomunicações do Brasil Central) on February 15 of that same year.


Incorporation of other companies - CTBC follows with the incorporation of telephone companies established in eight different cities.


The Graphic Sabe - Sociedade Administradora Brasileira de Empreendimentos Ltda is founded in Uberlândia (MG), (current Algar Media) to publish telephone directories.


In 1976, the ABC Táxi Aéreo (current Algar Aviation) is comprised.


The company ABC - Agropecuária Brasil Central S.A (current Algar Agro) is created. The following year, the company acquires the manufacturing unit of oil mill and derivatives from Fujiwara Hisato, and starts to produce ABC and Colorado soy oils.


The tourist complex Rio Quente Inn (current Rio Quente Resorts) is acquired in partnership with Francisco Hiczy.


In 1982 the creation of the Algar group Holding is founded.


Professionalization of the Group by hiring the Italian executive Mario Grossi as the holding Executive Vice President (CEO), with the challenge of promoting the restructuring required for the business. Were also established the Company-Network philosophy, the Advisory Board and the shareholders' agreement.


The Group installs, for the first time in Brazil, an experimental optics and fiber optic assembly in Campinas.


To keep up with the market changes and keep going as a set of competitive companies, the Algar group went through several changes in the 90s. At the time, the vehicle (Garcia Brothers, Garinco, Automag, Intermáquinas) and industrial (Emep, Telettra, crystals, data) areas, that had their growth in the previous decade, left the group.


The Image TV, cable TV operator, is acquired in Uberlândia and Araguari (formerly Cabo Total).


The Algar University activities begin in order to prepare and develop Human Talents in education processes.

Prepaid cell phone, pioneer in Brazil that would later dominate the national cell phone system. In the same year is made available on the market the Prepaid CTBC Cell Phone Kit, in partnership with Nec of Brazil and Gradiente. The customer leaves the store with a phone already-enabled.


A Board of Directors composed with most of its independent associates is established.


The Algar Security, focused on property security and document control, is created.


The Algar Institute, initially focused on actions for the community, is created. Today it coordinates all corporate actions in the social, cultural and environmental spheres.


Creation of a single brand.


In 2012, Algar consolidates its national presence in the capital of Sao Paulo.


Algar inaugurates its building in Belo Horizonte.


1st International Office at Colombia.


Acquisition of Asyst Service Desk.


Unialgar opens its solutions to market.


Algar inaugurates Algar Ventures.


Through Algar Ventures, Algar accelerates NetSupport and Sensix.
Rio Quente Group expands investment in the tourism sector and acquired Costa do Sauípe.