Algar Culture

In today's competitive scenario, where products and services are easily reproduced, the corporate culture, their way of doing business and their relationship with the market, is what generates a differential for an organization.

These are aspects that were built from the history of the people who were part of the Algar Group over its 90 years of existence. In the future a company will be a reflection of its past, of its essence, of what it really is and what it wants to convey to its stakeholders.

Therefore, the vision and the purpose of the Algar group is People Serving People, inspired by the commander Alexandrino Garcia's vocation to serve. With an eye toward the future and based on lessons from the past.

Purpose and Vision:

People serving People


Develop relationships and innovative solutions that generate sustainable business with perceived value


  • Customer our reason to exist
  • Acting with integrity
  • Developing and recognizing talents
  • Being entrepreneur
  • Being committed to sustainability